The Cayman is arguably one of the most naturally dynamic cars in Porsche range, with it’s sweet mid-engined, rear wheel drive setup. The latest generation of the iconic GTS badge now pushes the envelope with more. More power, more speed, more torque, and more turbos (compared to none in the outgoing 981!)

Notably more intense than the “standard” S models, the Cayman GTS gives a bigger rush while providing some of the best smiles to miles ratio in the entire fleet! Time and time again the Cayman is considered the benchmark sports car, and with the GTS, it’s simply found a new level even higher!

  • Good for intermediate and experienced drivers
  • Only available in dry weather conditions
  • This car requires driver instruction for first timers
  • Third party insurance is recommended

Pricing: Nürburgring Nordschleife

Touristenfahrten 4 laps 6 laps 10 laps
(Includes Petrol & Lap Tickets)
1292€ 1836€ 2550€
(Excludes Petrol & Lap Tickets)
1064€ 1512€ 2100€
Trackdays 10 laps 16 laps 20 laps
(Includes Petrol)
2325€ 3224€ 3720€
(Excludes Petrol)
2100€ 2912€ 3360€

Pricing: Nürburgring GP Track

Touristenfahrten 2 session package Per Extra Session
(Includes Petrol & Lap Tickets)
1249€ 620€
100km 150km
(Excludes Petrol & Lap Tickets)
1149€ 1749€
Trackdays 200km 300km 400km
(Includes Petrol)
2499€ 3149€ 3749€
(Excludes Petrol)
2299€ 2899€ 3449€

Pricing: Road Tours

Road Tours Price
Nürburgring Road Tour 749€
Castles Road Tour 1249€
Nürburg and Spa Mega Road Tour 1699€

Car Statistics

  • 365hp, 430Nm
  • 1480kg
  • Mid engined, rear wheel drive
  • 2.5 litre, 4 cylinder, turbo
  • Left hand drive
  • Automatic transmission
  • Excess: 50,000€ (Track) 5.000€ (Road)
  • Track insurance info…