It may “only” be a 4 cylinder turbo, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. The new 718 Cayman S has more power than the previous 981 GTS model, and with the extra torque from the turbo, the engine is much more flexible and usable throughout the circuit. Remaining and improved also is the amazing Cayman chassis – the Porsche platform for those in the know, and coupled to the updated PDK gearbox, the 718 is rapid. Very rapid. (As fast in a straight line as the old 996 turbo…)

So forget what’s powering the car, and just enjoy the power, the poise and the amazing ability on track – this is a near perfect Cayman, the balance and roadholding perfect for the Nordschleife. Germany is the home of Porsche, so they’ve had a lot of experience with motorsport at the Nürburgring!

  • Good for intermediate and experienced drivers
  • Only available in dry weather conditions
  • This car requires driver instruction for first timers
  • Third party insurance is recommended

Pricing: Nürburgring Nordschleife

Touristenfahrten 4 laps 6 laps 10 laps
(Includes Petrol & Lap Tickets)
1216€ 1728€ 2400€
(Excludes Petrol & Lap Tickets)
988€ 1404€ 1950€
Trackdays 10 laps 16 laps 20 laps
(Includes Petrol)
2175€ 3016€ 3480€
(Excludes Petrol)
1950€ 2704€ 3120€

Pricing: Nürburgring GP Track

Touristenfahrten 2 session package Per Extra Session
(Includes Petrol & Lap Tickets)
1179€ 590€
100km 150km
(Excludes Petrol & Lap Tickets)
999€ 1499€
Trackdays 200km 300km 400km
(Includes Petrol)
2299€ 2899€ 3449€
(Excludes Petrol)
1999€ 2549€ 2999€

Pricing: Road Tours

Road Tours Price
Nürburgring Road Tour 699€
Castles Road Tour 1199€
Nürburg and Spa Mega Road Tour 1599€

Car Statistics

  • 344hp, 420Nm
  • 1385kg
  • Mid engined, rear wheel drive
  • 2.5 litre, 4 cylinder, turbo
  • Left hand drive
  • Automatic transmission
  • Excess: 50,000€ (Track) 5.000€ (Road)
  • Track insurance info…