The smallest VW with a GTI badge, the UP! GTI is entertaining and characterful – if a little unconventional! The UP! GTI is a deserving receiver of these three iconic letters (G-T-I), creating a plucky, sporty, hatchback that throws back to the original days of the original Golf GTI.

  • Great first timer choice
  • Good for beginners and intermediate drivers
  • Good for all weather conditions
  • Choose only if you’re familiar with a manual gearbox

Pricing: Nürburgring Nordschleife

Touristenfahrten 2 laps 4 laps 6 laps
(Includes Petrol & Lap Tickets)
220€ 418€ 594€
(Excludes Petrol & Lap Tickets)
140€ 266€ 378€

Car Statistics

  • 115hp, 200Nm
  • 1070kg
  • 1.0 litre, 3 cylinder, turbo
  • Front engined, front wheel drive
  • Left hand drive
  • Manual transmission
  • Excess: 10,000€ (Track) 5.000€ (Road)
  • Track insurance info…