RSR fleet cars are retired from our rental fleet normally at around 30.000kms. Certain models can record 50k and over. These cars are used on the race track. Sometimes merely revved up, sometimes driven quite hard. About half or more of the miles are done on the public road during our road tour programs.

Cars are maintained to the best standard technically, especially the brakes, wheels and tires, which are checked on a daily basis. Due to the typical rental use the interiors can look more used than average, and due to track usage the front of the cars are likely to have stone chips. In general, these cars make an ideal track car or even a special 2nd road car for inspired trips on the road.

Pricing for these cars are fair considered the type of use. We do not sell these cars because they are used up but due to new models added to the fleet. With the current Corona situation we sell more cars due to more limited use, however we’re not selling cars because we desperately need the money so very low offers are a waste of your time and ours.

When you want a top maintained, low mileage sportscar for a lower than average price, this is right up your alley.


For interest please contact:

Ford Fiesta ST

Colour: White
First Registered: 30.11.2015
Mileage: 35.000km

10.000€ excl VAT / 12.000€ incl VAT

Ford Focus RS

Colour: Blue
First Registered: 17.03.2017
Mileage: 36.300km

26.000€ excl VAT / 31.000€ incl VAT

Ford Focus RS

Colour: White
First Registered: 19.07.2017
Mileage: 48.600km

Ohlins Suspension

26.000€ excl VAT / 31.000€ incl VAT

Renault Megane RS280

Colour: Orange
First Registered: 04.06.2018
Mileage: 26.800km

21.500€ excl VAT / 25.600€ incl VAT

Renault Megane RS300 Trophy – Automatic

Colour: White
First Registered: 04.04.2019
Mileage: 9053km

25.000€ excl VAT / 30.000€ incl VAT


Colour: White
First Registered: 06.07.2020
Mileage: 15km

31.500€ excl VAT / 37.500€ incl VAT

Renault Clio Cup Race Car

Colour: White
– Sequential Gearbox
– ECU requires retunining

16.000€ excl VAT / 19.500€ incl VAT

BMW 130i Race Car

Colour: Red
First Registered: 26.05.2009
Modifications: Ex-RCN specification / Full cage, KW Clubsport Suspension, Schroth Harness, Sparco & Sandtler Race Seats, Fire system,  Custom floor panels, customer door panels, power switch system, endurance fuel cell.

12.500€ excl VAT / 14.900€ incl VAT

Lotus 2-Eleven

Colour: White
First Registration: not registered
Mileage: 16.000km
Modifications: Lotus Motorsport front splitter

29.500€ excl VAT / 35.200€ incl VAT

Lotus 2-Eleven

Colour: Red
First Registration: 22.08.2008
Mileage: 17.500km
Modifications: Lotus Motorsport front splitter

33.800€ excl VAT / 40.250€ incl VAT

Porsche GT3 991

Colour: Yellow
First Registration: 03.2016
Mileage: 50.000km

90.000€ excluding VAT / 105.300€ including VAT

Porsche GT3 991

Colour: Red
First Registration: 07.2014
Mileage: 51.000km

90.000€ excluding VAT / 105.300€ including VAT

Porsche GT3 991.2 Manual

Colour: White
First Registration: 23.05.2018
Mileage: 17.000km

130.000€ excluding VAT / 152.100€ including VAT

Porsche GT3 RS 991

Colour: Purple
First Registration: 04.2017
Mileage: 24.000km
– Ultraviolet Paint colour
– 90l fuel tank
– Front axle lift system
– Hifi Packet
– Sports chrono packet
– LED headlights (PDLS)
– Porsche Comunication Management incl. Navigation (PCM)

130.000€ excluding VAT / 152.100€ including VAT

Porsche GT3 RS 991.2

Colour: Black
First Registration: 06.2018
Mileage: 10.000km
– Clubsport Packet
– 90l Fuel tank
– Reversing camera
– Sports Chrono Packet

162.500€ excluding VAT / 190.125€ including VAT