27. July 2023 (Thursday)

RSR Premium Trackday in partnership with GetSpeed Performance

  • Open Pitlane
  • 130dB
  • Road and Race cars allowed
  • Full wet and slick tyres allowed
  • Overtaking on the left side
  • Lunch and refreshments included
  • Guided convoy driven “trackwalk” included in the morning

The highlight of the year at the Nürburgring is always our RSR Premium trackday! We’re proud to present again this year this high quality, limited entry event together in partnership with GetSpeed Performance!



Pricing and Options:

  • SPECIAL Entry Price: 995€ (1 Driver with own car) Normally 1199€
  • Additional Driver: 249€
  • Passenger: 149€
  • Race team entry price with access to T13 entrance and T13 fuel station: 1395€ (1 car, 1 driver)

RSR Premium Trackdays – the difference:

RSR Premium Trackdays are events organised by us directly. This means you can be assured of the quality of the track time, meaning you get the best possible value for your entry and the best possible driving time on the track! We guarantee a great and relaxed day on track for both novices and experienced drivers alike, along with a proven record of minimum incidents during trackdays due to the following facts:

  • We run a Trackday, NOT a test or raceday: The strict driving code is; patience, respect, enjoying the track, defensive driving, no competition, no lap timing, going the distance.
  • Low numbers: We limit our entries by 10%-20% of the average track day, meaning on average there are maybe just 20-30 cars on track at any one time, given you almost a km of space for the next car. If you’ve driven the Nürburgring before, you’ll know that busy Tourist drive weekends can get upwards of 400 people on track at once!  This contributes to less traffic on average, less overtaking and a better experience for everybody
  • Open Pitlane full day, no sessions: You can go out whenever you want. This spreads out the drivers and means the overall number of cars on track at any given time is lower, since not everyone is rushing to get out at the start of a session.
  • Briefings and trackwalk: Given the fact that we do not need to explain to anyone how to have fun on the best track in the world, we can fully concentrate and spend time on talking about the ‘driving code’ and ‘safety standards’. During these briefing sessions it is exactly explained what we mean by this. If there is a complaint about someones driving by 2 other (independent) participants, this will mean this person is excluded from the event. We run strict events with a set driving code and almost never have issues.
  • Typical Customers on RSR’s trackdays: Our customers are people who enjoy their cars and want to drive them on the best tracks in the world. People who enjoy in-control sport driving on track. What we don’t have (and don’t want) are: Hotshots who need to prove themselves; racing drivers without respect that drive “mirror to mirror”. Drivers that don’t allow a faster car to overtake due to their ego being too big.
  • Type of Cars on the event: A majority of higher value, road registered, sports cars means respectful drivers on track. We avoid “boy racers” in cheap cars, who have nothing to lose and a lot to prove.


TRACKDAY PROGRAM (Subject to change)


  • 12:00 – 19:00 Trackday Sign in
    • RSRNurburg Office – Antoniusweg 1a, 53520 Nürburg
  • 17:00, 18:00, 19:00 Driver Briefing
    • RSRNurburg Office


  • 7:00 Trackday Sign in
    • Own cars: Touristenfahrten Parking – In der Stroth, L93
    • RSR Rental Cars: RSRNurburg Office
  • 7:30 – 7:55 Optional – Trackwalk
  • 8:00 – 08:55 Trackwalk & Driver Briefing
    • Can be joined with any car
  • 8:15, 9:15 Driver Briefing
    • Own cars: Touristenfahrten Parking – In der Stroth, L93
    • RSR Rental Cars: RSRNurburg Office
  • 9:00 – 16:30 Open Pitlane – Free Driving
  • 11:00 – 14:30 Lunch available
    • Restaurant Pistenklause – Kirchweg 4, 53520, Nürburg
  • 16:15 Last entry to the track
  • 16:30 Trackday Ends

Booking and enquiries:

For more info or enquiries, you can contact us via phone: +49 2691 931 952 or email: sales@rsrnurburg.com or use the links below to book online, or send a contact form!

Optional Extras

RSR Driver instruction: 699€ (Half Day) / 1199€ (Full Day)

RSR Rental Cars: From Fiesta ST to BMW M2, Cayman GT4, GT3 RS and more! Prices starting from 750€ for 10 laps, excluding fuel and entry costs.

GetSpeed Porsche GT3 RS Taxi Lap: 399€ per lap

  • Limited availability!

GT World Challenge Race Weekend VIP Package: TBC€

  • Limited availability!


We also offer premium Trackdays on other popular European circuits – if you’re looking to try something different, then check out our below options!

Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium) Trackdays:

  • 01.05.2023 (Mon) + 02.05.2023 (Tue) Entry: 1890€ 2 days / 995€ 1 day
  • 06.06.2023 (Tue) Entry: 995€
  • 04.07.2023 (Tue) Entry: 995€
  • 10.08.2023 (Thu) Entry: 995€
  • 11.09.2023 (Mon) + 12.09.2023 (Tue) Entry: 1890€ 2 days / 995€ 1 day
  • 09.10.2023 (Mon) + 10.10.2023 (Tue) Entry: 1690€ 2 days / 895€ 1 day
  • 11.11.2023 (Sat) Entry: 795€
  • More info and to book: https://rsrspa.com/rsrspa-premium-events/

RSRPremium French Trackdays:

  • 02.10.2023 (Mon) – Circuit Dijon Prenois
  • 03.10.2023 (Tue) – Circuit Dijon Prenois
  • 04.10.2023 (Wed) – Circuit Magny-Cours GP
  • 2750€ Full Event 3 days / 1850€ 2 days Dijon / 2250€ 1 Day Dijon + 1 Day Magny-Cours / 995€ 1 day Magny-Cours
  • Contact us to book!

RSR Premium Trackdays Zandvoort

  • 22.05.2022 (Mon) – Circuit Zandvoort, Netherlands
  • 23.05.2022 (Tue) – Circuit Zandvoort, Netherlands
  • 875€ 1 Day / 1645€ 2 days (Options with Car Transport and Car Rental available)
  • Contact us to book!

RSR Premium Trackdays – Spa-Francorchamps

RSR Premium Trackdays – Ascari & Portimao

Full track calendar

For a full track calendar of all track events, simply click on the button below!


EVO Trackday events

Organised directly by EVO Magazine UK, these driving events have a distinct emphasis on making sure you’re getting the most track time possible with your performance car by keeping the attendee numbers limited. Small group sizes and open-pit lane (evening) or sessioned formats (Goodwood) ensure that you’re given plenty of time and space to push your car to the limit. Headlining the 2023 season is a full-day session at Goodwood Circuit, with all-day access to the track while also including breakfast, a Goodwood Estate sit-down lunch and afternoon tea. They also make a return to the Bedford Autodrome, and head down to the challenging undulations of Brands Hatch for their signature Trackday evenings.

For more info and an overview, follow this link: https://www.evotrackdays.co.uk/

Date Track Format Book a Trackday Space
19.05.2023 (Friday) Bedford Autodrome, South West Circuit Evening SOLD OUT
03.08.2023 (Thursday) Brands Hatch, Indy Circuit Evening Book Now
14.08.2023 (Monday) Goodwood Motor Circuit Full Day Book Now
08.09.2023 (Friday) Bedford Autodrome, South West Circuit Evening Book Now
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