Where do I start when booking the Nürburgring?

Are you a little lost with how to go about booking the Nürburgring? Perhaps it’s your first time, or you’re booking for a significant other, family member of friend? Follow our guide below to help get your started.

Follow the guide below to help you with information like what track to drive, what activities to do, and what car to choose!

Which Track?

The first thing you’ll need to know is which circuit you want to book. At the Nürburgring there are actually two circuits:

Nürburgring Nordschleife

The larger of the two circuits here, the Nordschleife  is 21km (13miles) long and is what most people commonly associate with the Nürburgring. It’s the one that features most prominently in the video games / simulators (Gran Turismo, Forza, Assetto Corsa) and on Top Gear (Van Challenge, Jag Diesel Challenge etc). This is not like a normal racetrack though – more like a tarmac rally stage, or twisty mountain road!

The Nordschleife is the track most people come to the Nürburgring to drive. If you’re not sure – then this is probably it!

This circuit is open just about every day for people to drive. Mondays – Fridays for 2 hours in the evening (Around 5pm-7pm) and weekends full day (8am-7pm). Make sure to check the opening times on our calendar!

Nürburgring Grand Prix Track

The smaller of the two circuits, the Grand Prix Track (GP Track) is the one used by the Formula One, and most of the modern races, such as DTM, Superbikes, and European Le Mans series. Depending on the configuration used, it ranges from 3.6km to 5.1km long.

This circuit appeals more to people who prefer a modern, more “normal” race track, or are a big fan of Formula One.

This circuit is open less often to drive, on average maybe 2-4 times per month. You can see the opening times on our calendar!

What's Your Budget?

The type of activity you choose will mainly be dictated by your budget. The average RSR customer spends around 1000€, but of course this greatly varies from customer to customer, and there are options for almost any budget! Here’s a guide for what sort of things you can do for the following levels of budget:

Under 300€

For under 300€, you’re a little more limited with what you can do, but there are still some options.

  • You could get some professional instruction while driving in your own car.
  • You can drive on a guided Nürburgring road tour
  • We also have options at our Spa-Francorchamps office in Belgium, for taxi laps during our Premium Trackdays.

Between 300€ - 600€

A budget of 300€ – 600€ is a good starting point for activities at the Nürburgring. With this sort of budget, you could do any of the following activities:

  • A taxi lap of the Nürburgring
  • Hire a entry level car to drive around the circuit for 4 laps on a Tourist Drive session
  • Take a guided road tour on the public roads around the area

Between 600€ - 1500€

From 600€ to 1500€ is an average amount what most of our customers spend. For this there are quite a lot of possibilities!

  • Hire a mid range to high end car for 4 laps, or an entry level car for lots of laps on a Tourist Drive session
  • Do multiple activities, like a road tour, taxi laps and drive the circuit yourself (Like our first timer package)
  • Enter on a private trackday, where there is less traffic and a better driving environment, either with your own car or an entry level car
  • Drive one of our supercars on a guided road tour

Over 1500€

When you’ve got a budget of over 1500€, you can combine a lot of great activities together, and do some really fun programs!

  • Drive a high end supercar on the track, or try out multiple different cars in one go
  • Experience not just the Nürburgring, but other great circuits like Spa-Francorchamps in one trip
  • Take part in our driving academy programs, to improve your driving skills and become a Nürburgring master!
  • And much, much more!

Don’t worry if you don’t understand what the different activities above are – you’ll find out more about these on the next step!

What can you do at the Nürburgring?

There are many different things you can do at the Nürburgring, and if you have a special request that you don’t see here then just get in contact to ask us for help!

Hire a car and drive the track

This is what the vast majority of people want to do when they visit the Nürburgring.

This is where you hire a car to drive the Nürburgring for yourself. Most people opt to have a RSR instructor join them for their first lap, to help improve their experience.

Recommended for:

  • People who enjoy driving on race tracks
  • Adrenaline junkies who don’t mind a bit of risk
  • When they like to do it “for themselves”

See the RSRNurburg rental car fleet here!

Taxi Laps

A taxi lap is where you ride along as a passenger while a professional driver takes you around the track at a high speed. Often people will do this after driving the track for themselves – to “see how the experts do it”.

Recommended for:

  • Adrenaline junkies who want to see the circuit at pace
  • Someone who’s a but worried about the financial risk of driving the circuit themselves
  • Someone that loves cars but are inexperienced driving for themselves
  • A person that’s not comfortable in their skills for driving on track themselves
  • Doing after (Not before!) you’ve driven the track for yourself

More about Taxi Laps here!

Guided Road Tours

A road tour is where you get to drive the car, but follow along one of our staff in a lead car (convoy style). You drive on the public roads (not the circuit itself) and make stops around the area to talk about the circuit from different corners and see the secret manufacturer bases.

Recommended for:

  • A driver that likes spirited driving, but without the pressure of driving on track
  • When you want to get a better feel for a higher end car in a more comfortable scenario, at a lower financial risk
  • Doing as a group when you want to share and test drive different cars
  • Someone who wants to be better prepared before driving the track themselves

Find out about Road Tours here!

First Timer Package

A package deal where you get to see and do the main things that people want when they visit the Nürburgring. Starting with a guided road tour, you can then choose between driving the track for yourself, or taking a taxi lap!

Recommended for:

  • First time visitors to the track
  • Ideal for 2 friends or a couple, as they can share with the cost of the rental
  • When you just want a great package deal on what to do at the Nürburgring
  • Someone who wants to do multiple activities on one day

Special offers – First Timer Package

Nürburgring Driving Academy

Do you want to learn the Nürburgring track properly? Then this is the way to go. These are individualised one-on-one packages tailored to you and your driving style. No matter your level, we can help improve your driving ability.

Recommended for:

  • Someone who seriously wants to learn the Nürburgring
  • A driver that wants to improve their track driving ability
  • When you realise that going faster is more about the driver than the car!

RSRNurburg Nürburgring Driving Academy

Drive another circuit!

Nürburgring may be the centre of the motorsport universe, but don’t miss the other great circuits that are very close by! For example, the F1 track of Spa-Francorchamps or Hockenheim are both not too far, along with Zolder, Zandvoort, Dijon and more.

Recommended for:

  • Someone that’s already driven the Nürburgring and wants a new challenge
  • A track driver that wants to get as many circuits in on their visit
  • When the Nürburgring isn’t the right “style” of circuit.

Contact us for info about driving other tracks!

Which items do I need to bring with me?

You don’t need much to enjoy the Nürburgring! Just a great attitude and some of the following items:

If you want to drive the track

Documents and papers

  • Valid drivers licence from your country of origin.
  • If your licence isn’t in English or of EU origin, then an international drivers permit.
  • Passport or ID.
  • Credit card for incidentals or deposits.
  • Race licences are not necessary.


  • Comfortable clothing, race suits are unnecessary.
  • Narrow shoes (Sneakers are ok, but no boots, jandals, bare feet or high heels!)
  • Helmets are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own if you like. Open face is preferred for instruction purposes.
  • Most of our cars have normal seatbelts, so a HANS device is unnecessary and not required for Touristenfahrten. (Our RSR Edition cars have race harnesses that can support a HANS device if you want to bring one to use).

Age restrictions

  • Drivers must be over 18 years of age with a full drivers licence.
  • Passengers must be a minimum of 16 years of age.


  • Most cars do not require a deposit up front
  • We may ask for one for the following reasons:
    • Driver age / driver behaviour or attitude
    • Customers that have difficulty with any of the languages we speak
    • Customers from non-European countries
    • If you book a top end supercar (required)
  • Please bring a credit card with a suitable limit for this. You may need to check with your bank to allow a higher amount.
  • The deposits we ask for can range from 1.000€ to 15.000€.

If you want to take a road tour

Documents and papers

  • Valid drivers licence from your country of origin.
  • If your licence isn’t in English or of EU origin, then an international drivers permit.
  • Passport or ID.
  • Credit card for incidentals or deposits.


  • Comfortable clothing.
  • Narrow shoes (Sneakers are ok, but no boots, jandals, bare feet or high heels!)
  • We do some walking on our tours, so appropriate footwear for this!

Age restrictions

  • Drivers must be over 18 years of age with a full drivers licence.
  • No minimum age, but bring an appropriate child seat if necessary – we don’t have any! Not all cars are compatible with child seats!

If you want to do a taxi lap

Documents and papers

  • Passport or ID.
  • Credit card for incidentals or deposits.


  • Comfortable clothing / you will normally get quite hot on the lap!

Age restrictions

  • Taxi lap passengers must be over 18 years of age.

What car should I book?

Most of the time, people have a good idea of what type of car they want to book! Generally the type of car is dictated by your budget, but if you’re unsure of what car to drive for your first visit here then find a few suggestions below. If you’re trying to book for someone else, then you may already have an idea of what type of car they like! Otherwise here is what we recommend. We’re always happy to change the car booked on the day also if it’s really not suitable, as long as the type of car you want is available!

The Most Popular All-Rounders - A good choice for most situations.

Our most popular cars also are generally the best all-rounders, They are good for any weather condition, have enough power to be entertaining without being over the top, and sit in the low to middle price range, giving a great bang-for-buck. You’ll notice they are generally front wheel drive, as this is in most cases preferable for your first laps at the track, and doesn’t have too much impact on the driving feel when it comes to the Nürburgring!

  • Hyundai i30N Performance – Front wheel drive, 280hp, turbo, with paddleshift automatic gearbox. Prices starting from 513€ for 4 laps basic.
  • VW Golf R – All wheel drive, 320hp, turbo, Paddleshift automatic. Prices starting from 665€ for 4 laps basic.

These are all great choices if you’re not sure which car to pick and will give an excellent driving experience!

Something for an experienced track driver

If you’ve got a bit more experience driving on a race track before, then we have a few good options with cars that have been modified for the circuit. They can corner harder and have more grip, but are generally less forgiving for first timers or inexperienced drivers. These are great options for someone who does a lot of trackdays or have raced in the past!

  • VW Golf R REVO Edition – All wheel drive, 380hp, turbo, Paddleshift automatic. Prices starting from 722€ for 4 laps basic.
  • BMW M2 RSR Edition – Rear wheel drive, 400hp, turbo, Paddleshift automatic. Prices starting from 1102€ for 4 laps basic.
  • Porsche Cayman RSR Edition – Rear wheel drive, mid-engined, 360hp, Paddleshift automatic. Prices starting from 1273€ for 4 laps basic.

We spend a lot of time fine tuning these cars to perform well in the hands of someone with a bit of track experience!

There's no such thing as a wrong choice!

For the most part, the choice of car is secondary to the fun of driving the Nürburgring. And while there is no such thing as a wrong choice, it can enhance the experience when chosen correctly!

  • If you’re a BMW fan, then choose a BMW!
  • If only a Porsche will do, then that’s the way to go!
  • If you’re still completely lost, then get in contact with us and we can help you pick!

At the end of the day, we’ll do the best to make sure you have a great experience, and will do our best to help match you with the best car for the day!

In Summary

If you have more questions about driving the track, what you need and an explanation of the types of days you can drive, like the difference between Touristenfahrten (Tourist Drives) vs. Trackdays, then you can find out more information on our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page at the link below:

RSRNurburg Online Booking System

If you want to get an idea of what dates and times the track is open, and what options we have for cars (and their prices), then you can head to our online booking system at the link below:

Contact Us

If you’re still feeling really lost, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact! You can find all our contact details at the link below:

We hope you found this short guide helpful, and wish you all the best and hope to see you at the Nürburgring soon!

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