Confusing for many first timers to the Nürburgring is that there are actually 2 tracks here in the same area! Most people talk just about “The Nürburgring” as a whole, but the two circuits here are the Nürburgring Nordschleife and the Nürburgring GP Track. Both circuits are located right beside each other.

Nürburgring Nordschleife (North loop)

  • This is the famous one that most people know. 99% of the time this is the one people come here to drive.
  • This is the one that is open almost every day.
  • This is the one features in video games (Forza, Gran Turismo, Assetto Corsa) and on Top Gear (Van challenge, Diesel Jag Challenge).
  • 21km long (13 miles), around 150 corners and can take around 10 – 15 minutes a lap.
  • Feels more like a Tarmac Rally stage than a “Race Track” – little to no run off on the sides before the barriers, grass on the edge of the track etc.

Nürburgring GP Track (Formula 1 track)

  • This is the modern FIA standard racing track. A nice circuit, but overshadowed by it’s big brother.
  • Open less often – maybe 2-3 times per month.
  • This is the one they use for Formula 1, DTM, WTCC and European Le Mans series.
  • Has different layouts that range from 3.6km to 5.1km long (2.2 to 3.2 miles), 4 to 17 corners and can take around 3 to 5 minutes a lap.
  • This is a proper race track, with big tarmac runs offs, gravel traps and perfectly flat asphalt.

And just to confuse everything, there is technically a third  layout, which is both tracks combined:

Nürburgring Gesamtstrecke (Combined circuit)

  • A combination of both the Nordschleife and GP Track.
  • Open rarely for public driving, maybe 6 days in the year.
  • Used for the 24 hour race, and the NLS race series.
  • Two different versions, depending on which part of the GP Track is used. Can be 25 to 27km long.



It all depends on your experience, but there is no wrong choice in selecting a car. For your first visit a Porsche GT3 may be overkill and you won’t use it’s full potential – but if that’s your dream we can help put together a program so you can make that come true. However – we won’t push you into a car that we think is beyond your level – we are experts in picking the perfect car for your experience level.

More often than not, your choice will be dictated by your budget, but in short, it’s hard to go wrong with a hot hatch like a Hyundai i30N or VW Golf R, especially if it’s your first time here.

FWD or RWD? We recommend front wheel drive cars for your first visit, as they are more forgiving if you accidentally come in “too hot”, or give too much acceleration at the wrong time. If you have a lot of experience with rear wheel drive cars (especially on track) then this may be a more appropriate for you.

Manual or Automatic? Because the track is so demanding to drive coupled with managing the other cars on track, we recommend an automatic car for your first visit. This way you’re not at risk of getting the wrong gear in the middle of the corner, potentially damaging the car. If you have a lot of experience with a manual car (daily driving and especially on track), then you’re welcome to book a manual car.

Standard or modified (RSR Edition)? We recommend a standard car for your first visit. Our more track-focused “RSR Edition” car options could also be eligible for real racing. They have bucket seats, harnesses (4 or 6 point belts) and a rollover cage on the inside. They include KW Clubsport suspension and Michelin Semi-Slick tires on the outside to name the most important ‘performance-related’ modifications. This means they are more capable on track, but are less progressive and less forgiving with mistakes. Again, if you have experience with driving modified cars on track, then you can gladly book one!


If you want to come with a group, that’s great, and an excellent way to keep costs lower. We allow up to two drivers per car, so the best is to hire a few cars for your group! Get in contact with us directly and we will do our best to put together a nice package for you.


  • RSR requires a full drivers licence from your country of nationality. If your licence isn’t in the English or German language, or a European licence, then please provide an international drivers licence translation.
  • Bring comfortable, loose fitting clothes for driving and sensible driving shoes with flat, narrow soles. (Race suits are unnecessary)
  • We can provide helmets, or you can bring your own.
  • Most of our cars have normal seatbelts, so a HANS device is unnecessary and not required for Touristenfahrten. (Our RSR Edition cars have race harnesses that can support a HANS device if you want to bring one to use).
  • Bring a credit card for incidentals, or in case we ask for a deposit.
  • Travellers in Germany must have ID on them at all times, so bring your passport or official ID with you.

You don’t need to have experience with driving on track to enjoy the Nürburgring! If you want to hire a car, then you will need some experience with driving a car and basic car control skills. If you’re a brand new driver with no experience, then a taxi lap might be the right choice for you!


Our car rentals start from 18 years of age and over. Generally, the renters age is not key but a drivers license and the right attitude is! It also depends on the sort of day (weather, traffic levels, trackday, road tour or touristenfahrten) and experience. What we need to be assured of first however is that you are up to the job. We can do this by organising some private instruction or by starting you off driving in the lower powered cars first.

Passengers need to be a minimum of 16 years of age. Younger passengers will not be allowed to ride along in the cars. On trackdays, the minimum ages can vary, and each will need to be checked with the organiser, but generally it is also a minimum age of 16.

Taxi Laps have a minimum age of 18 years old.

For Road Tours there is no minimum age, but those small enough to require car booster seats will need to use them. RSR does not have any child or booster seats available, so you will need to bring your own. Keep in mind that not all cars are compatible with these systems. Please ask!


Most of our cars do not require a deposit up front. A deposit is a sum of money paid before the rental, that is returned to the client upon a safe return of the car. While many of the companies who hire out cars at the Nürburgring ask for a deposit while hiring a car, for most of our cars under normal circumstances we do not require this. Exceptions to this rule may apply in certain cases:

  • Driver age / driver behaviour or attitude
  • Customers that have difficulty with any of the languages we speak
  • Customers from non-European countries
  • If you book a top end supercar (required)

The deposits we ask for can range from 1.000€ to 15.000€.

When we take a deposit, it is normally in the form of a hold on your credit card, which is released after the car is returned safely at the end of driving. We also accept cash or bank transfers as other options. Please make sure to have ability to provide a deposit if we request it.


You can drive the track in one of two ways:

  • A. On a Touristenfahrten (Public Driving) session (TF)
  • B. On a Trackday (TD).

Most people (90% of our clients) drive the track during TF. The reason is mainly because there’s only a handful (about 20 to 25) of TD’s available each year. Then many of these TD’s sell out within 1 month after release. Also TD’s are more expensive and not everyone wants to drive a full day.

TF has the reputation of a dangerous environment which is a bit unfair. There are great TF sessions and horrible TD’s and vice versa. On TF there’s no buses and few motorbikes these days (already since 2019). The level of driving has gone up every year since a few years. Here at RSR we can tell you what the good TF days and periods are. There’s never a guarantee but we can advise you the best we can because of 25 years of local knowledge.

Touristenfahrten (Public Driving Sessions ) Trackdays
  • Open almost every day in season. (Check this link for the calendar: https://nuerburgring.de/open-hours#event-inline-12)
  • It is never fully booked. You can always get on.
  • Can be empty on track (a rainy isolated Wednesday) or very busy (popular Sundays or a cluster of days).
  • A good option for when you want to do just a few laps or a full day of driving.
  • The better option if you’re on a limited budget (Starting from 200€)
  • Unlimited number of people on track at the same time (350 cars and more on track on busy days!)
  • You pay a entry ticket per lap (Up to €35 / lap)
  • People just turn up and drive, not everyone knows the rules
  • Anyone can drive (16 year olds, uncle bob, inexperienced drivers)
  • Any road registered car is accepted
  • Motorbikes allowed on track at the same time (but there’s rarely any around anymore)
  • Closures happen, and can take hours to clean up.
  • No continuous lapping possible. The main straight is used for lap ticket control via a gate.
  • You can’t use the whole Döttinger Höhe Straight, you have to stop in the middle to go through the gates again.
  • For a more casual experience (Good for just trying a few laps)
  • You have to pay for car recovery costs per km (Crashes, breakdowns)
  • Overtaking officially only on the left side (In reality: not everyone know the rules)
  • Are only available on specific days during the year (Maybe only 20 days in total per year!)
  • Quite a few of these TD’s consist of educational programs with section training or guided (lead follow) laps.
  • RSRNurburg can arrange entries for most of these TD’s if you book early in the year (in Jan or Feb of the going season)
  • The better option if you want to learn the track properly, with less traffic on the circuit.
  • Entry costs normally start from around 1000€ per day, then rental car costs are on top.
  • Restricted to people who have pre-registered, with a maximum of between 150 to 250 cars, depending on the organiser.
  • You pay one entry fee for the whole day (Not paying per lap)
  • Drivers have strict safety briefings, everyone must wear safety helmets
  • Like minded drivers
  • People use more track focused cars
  • Cars only (Sometimes even race cars are allowed)
  • Closures still happen, but rarely. Clean up happens quickly and efficiently.
  • You can keep lapping, no need to stop on the main straight
  • Full use of the 2.8km long straight!
  • Better for getting to know the circuit properly
  • Car recovery is sometimes included in the entry price, guardrail damage is not.
  • Overtaking rules clearly defined, and much more gentlemanly.


This part of Germany has very distinctive seasons. This means in winter it snows, and in summer it gets reasonable warm (up to 40 degrees c / 104 degrees F). The driving season is generally from the start of March until the end of November, but this can change depending on weather at the time. The track is sometimes still open outside of these months, but opening times can be unpredictable.

  • March – April: Shoulder season
  • May – September: Main season
  • October – November: Shoulder season
  • December – February: Off season (No, the track doesn’t open for driving in the snow!)

The other thing to consider is: as the weather gets warmer during the main season, more people visit the ring. It can get very busy during the main season, and it’s not unusual to have a line of traffic on the track itself!

Insider secret #1 is to schedule your visit for the shoulder seasons, as the weather can still be very good, with a lot less cars on the track.

Insider secret #2 is to come and drive during the evening sessions on the weekdays (Monday – Thursday) as the track is quieter since most people work during the week.

Insider secret #3  is to visit for multiple days in a row – that way, if the weather is a bit undesirable, or the track closes early due to an accident, you can continue driving on the next day.


The hint is in the name: The Green Hell is green, because it rains quite often here. The track is in the middle of the Eifel mountain range, and has it’s own micro-climate, so it is possible to get all 4 seasons in one day!

During the main season the weather is more consistently warm, but you will still get rainy days, in the main season, and nice, dry days in the shoulder and off seasons.

The track still opens when it rains. It closes when it’s too foggy to see, or if the track is icy or slippery from snow.

Driving the circuit in the rain can be a good thing too! It means that there is much less traffic on the circuit, there are no motorcycles and the experienced guys won’t pass you at insane speeds. It’s a great way to learn the circuit better.


Accidents happen. We’re not here to sugar coat it. The Nürburgring is considered to be the most difficult track in the world, and motorsport is inherently risky by nature. Even though there are crashes every day on the track, accidents with our rental cars happen very infrequently, since we have a very strict safety procedure and do everything we can to best prepare you for driving on the track. If you have the right attitude and approach to driving, with support from RSR you do not need to be scared!

In short, in the case of an accident – if you cause damage to the car, you pay to repair only the damage you caused. However, in the (very rare) case where a car is written off you are normally not required to pay for the whole value of the car. Instead, up to a fixed excess level that is generally set at around half of the cars replacement value (different from the current market value).

If there is any damage to the track (Barriers) or towing costs, you will need to pay these directly to the Nürburgring. If there is damage to another car, we may require a deposit for damages until fault can be established.

For a full run down of the processes and steps you can take if you want to reduce the risk, please visit the following page of our website:


You’re of course welcome to bring your own car to drive the Nürburgring! Any road registered, motorway capable vehicle or motorcycle is allowed to go on the track. There are some important things to be aware of, your car may be stopped from going on track if:

  • You have an overly large rear wing, that extends past the sides of the car
  • You have full racing seats where the head restraints “wings” intrude into your side view
  • You have a temporary plate (Red Plates in Germany)
  • If you have any other potentially dangerous external additions, or loose fixtures.
  • If your car is leaking oil or fluids.
  • If you have non-road legal tyres (Slicks, Full wet tyres)

Also important to note is that the police do make random control checks, and checkpoints around the area, especially on busy days. There has been an increase in frequency in police presence over the recent years.


In most cases if you’re driving your own car, you simply need to purchase your own tickets (from the Kiosk at the entrance, at the petrol station or online through the app) and then go and drive. If you’re looking for some extra support then we’d be happy to hear from you for any of the following services:

  • Driver and track safety briefings – help us get you prepared
  • Questions and support in English, Spanish, French or Italian.
  • On track instruction for you in your own car
  • Tuning or modifying your car for the Nürburgring.
  • Car repairs or servicing
  • Car rental if your own car is broken


If you vehicle isn’t capable of highway speeds (130kmh / 80mph), then it will most likely be refused to go on the track. So your mini scooter, modified lawnmower or Tuk-tuk/Rickshaw will not be allowed. Same with overly large vehicles like campervans or buses will be refused. Vehicles towing trailers will also be refused entry.

Hardcore race cars or anything not road registered will also not be allowed during the public Touristenfahrten sessions. However, they may be allowed on select Trackdays where race cars are allowed. The noise limit of the circuit needs to be observed, which is set normally at around 130dB.

In short, you will need to contact the Nürburgring directly if you want to ask about the validity of using your car on the track. They will not close the track for you to drive by yourself, or open it specially for you.


The best way to get to the Nürburgring is to fly into either Frankfurt Airport, or Cologne/Bonn airport, hire a rental car and drive across. It takes between 2 and 3 hours to drive, depending on conditions. Alternatively you can hire a taxi. Public transport is very difficult to use to get to the Nürburgring and is therefore not recommended, as then you’ll have an even more difficult time getting around once you’re here! There is no train station in Nürburg, and buses run infrequently!

Do not mix up the Nürburgring with Nuremberg – they are about 5 hours drive apart!

Best is to use our street address (and check the post code!):

Antoniusweg 1a
53520 Nürburg (Also can be written as Nuerburg)

Link to RSRNurburg on Google Maps


To be sure you stay in Germany will be as comfortable as can be, we have put together a list of recommended restaurants and Hotels. We know from our own experience what the best place are to eat or sleep. If you still need advice, don’t hesitate to give us a ring.

In the local area the reality is there isn’t much more available for families to do aside from drive the track. There are shopping options available in Koblenz (45min) or Cologne (1hour 30min) and Adenau (15min). There are also few activities within a reasonable drive, see in the list below.

Hotels – Nürburg (2 min. / Ring)

‍Hotel am Tiergarten
Kirchweg 4, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 2691 92200

‍Pension Daniels
Antoniusweg 1, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 2691 2439

‍Dorint Hotel am Nürburgring
Grand-Prix-Strecke, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 2691 3090

‍Haus Pit Lane
Hauptstrasse 22, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 2691 935 9050

‍Lindner Congress & Motorsport Hotel
Stefan-Bellof-Straße, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 2691 3025 666

‍Lindner Hotel Eifeldorf Grüne Hölle
Eifel-Ardennen-Straße, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 2691 3025 666

‍Hotel zur Burg
Burgstraße 4, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 2691 7575

‍Motorsporthotel Nürburgring
Hauptstraße 34, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 2691 92000

‍Lindenhof am Nürburgring
Hauptstrasse 35, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 170 8080 256

‍Villa Hügel
Sprungschanzenweg 2, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 2691 410

‍Haus Burggarten
Burgstrasse 17, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 173 584 9000

‍Landhaus Balkhausen
Balkhausenweg 3, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 2691 7625

‍Hotels – Meuspath (2 min. / Ring)

‍Land-gut-Hotel am Ring
Nordstraße 1, 53520 Meuspath
Tel.: +49 2691 459 090

‍Döttinger Höhe Hotel
An der B258, 53520 Döttinger Höhe
Tel.: +49 2691 92390

‍Ferienwohnungen Oliver 92 am Nürburgring
Hauptstr. 34, 53520 Meuspath
Tel.: +49 6551 2279
Email: buchung@oliver92-fewo.de

Hotels – Döttingen (5 min. / Ring)

‍Haus Marvin
Tannenweg 11, 56729 Döttingen
Tel.: +49 2691 2546

‍Hotels – Welcherath (5 min. / Ring)

‍Gästehouse Fuchsröhre
Hauptstraße 27, 53539 Welcherath
Tel.: +49 175 415 72 69

‍Hotels – Drees (5 min. / Ring)

‍Lindner Ferienpark Nürburgring
Parkstraße 1, 53520 Drees
Tel.: +49 211 9598 9607

‍Hotels – Wiesemscheid (7 min. / Ring)

‍Hotel Rieder
Mittelstraße 13, 53534 Wiesemscheid
Tel.: +49 2691 1013

‍Hotels – Breidscheid (6 min. / Ring)

‍Hotel an der Nordschleife
Trierer Str. 15, 53518 Adenau
Tel.: +49 2691 930 158

‍Hotels – Adenau (7 min. / Ring)

‍Blaue Ecke
Markt 5, 53518 Adenau
Tel.: +49 2691 2005

‍Landhaus Sonnenhof
Sonnenberg 10, 53518 Adenau
Tel.: +49 2691 9227 0

‍The Crown Pub – Apartments
Hauptstraße 22, 53518 Adenau
Tel.: +44 7776 258 026

Hotels – Barweiler (10 min / Ring)

Hauptstraße 77, 53534 Barweiler
Tel.: +49 2691 931 440

‍Eifelranch am Ring
Römerstraße 19, 53534 Barweiler
Tel.: +49 2691 933 4512

Hotels – Baar (10 min / Ring)

Hotel und Kongresszentrum Wanderath
Am Buchholz 34, 56729 Baar
Tel.: +49 2656 889-0

Hotels – Kelberg (10 min / Ring)

Die Rennscheune Guest house
Erlenwiese 1, 53539 Kelberg
Tel.: +49 170 246 6887

Restaurants – Nürburg (2 min. / Ring)

Pistenklause (RSR Recommends)
Dinner – Italian, German, Steak
Kirchweg 4, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 2691 922 053

Hotel am Tiergarten
Breakfast & Lunch – Buffet
Kirchweg 4, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 2691 922 00

Devil’s Diner
Lunch – American Diner
Zufahrt Nordschleife, 53520 Meuspath
Tel.: +49 2691 302 5740

Restaurant & Pizzeria Paddock
Lunch & Dinner – Italian, German
Hauptstraße 34, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 2691 920 00

Restaurant zur Nürburg
Lunch & Dinner – German, Burgers
Burgplatz 2, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 2691 939 9060

Restaurant Zur Burg
Dinner – German
Burgstr. 4, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 2691 7575

Lindenhof am Nürburgring
Dinner – German
Hauptstr. 35, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 170 8080 256

Restaurant Fascination – Dorint Hotel
Dinner – International
Grand-Prix-Strecke, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 2691 3090

Restaurant Nuvolari – Lindner Hotel
Dinner – International
Stefan-Bellof-Straße, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 2691 3025 176

Restaurant Pizzeria Mamma Mia
Lunch & Dinner – Pizza
Hauptstrasse 34, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 2691 937 9330

Restaurants – Müllenbach (7 min. / Ring)

Restaurante Pizzeria Il Cavallino
Dinner – Italian, German, Steak
Hauptstraße 14A, 53520 Müllenbach
Tel.: +49 2692 932 621

Restaurant Gasthaus Gilles
Dinner – German
Hauptstraße 30, 53520 Müllenbach
Tel.: +49 2692 8832

Bistro Zum Alten Maier
Lunch & Dinner – German
Hauptstraße 46, 53520 Müllenbach
Tel.: +49 2692 1299

Restaurants – Wiesemscheid (7 min. / Ring)

Restaurant Rieder
Dinner – German
Mittelstraße 13, 53534 Wiesemscheid
Tel.: +49 2691 1013

Restaurants – Wiesemscheid (7 min. / Ring)

Dinner – International, Fine Dining
Hauptstraße 77, 53534 Barweiler
Tel.: +49 2691 931 440

Pizzeria Zur Alten Scheune
Dinner – Italian, German, Steak
Hauptstraße 30A, 53534 Barweiler
Tel.: +49 2691 935 657

Restaurants – Adenau (7 min. / Ring)

Blaue Ecke
Dinner – International
Markt 5, 53518 Adenau
Tel.: +49 2691 2005

Ristorante Pizzeria Pinocchio
Dinner – Italian, German
Hauptstraße 150, 53518 Adenau
Tel.: +49 2691 932 287

Zur gemütlichen Ecke (Comfy Corner)
Dinner – German
Hauptstraße 247, 53518 Adenau
Tel.: +49 2691 2629

Ali Baba
Lunch & Dinner – Turkish, Italian
Hauptstraße 133, 53518 Adenau
Tel.: +49 2691 938 921

Asia Bistro Orchidee
Dinner – Asian
Hauptstraße 96, 53518 Adenau
Tel.: +49 2691 933 210

La Stazione Adenau
Lunch & Dinner – Italian
Bahnhofstraße 24, 53518 Adenau
Tel.: +49 2691 932 6346

Restaurant Sonnenhof
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner – International
Sonnenberg 10, 53518 Adenau
Tel.: +49 2691 9227 0

Piazza Aviano
Lunch & Dinner – Italian
Markt, 53518 Adenau
Tel.: +49 2691 2855

Pizzeria La Fontana
Dinner – Italian
Alte Poststraße 36, 53518 Adenau
Tel.: +49 2691 606

Mario`s Boxenstop
Lunch & Dinner – Turkish, Pizza
Hauptstraße 153, 53518 Adenau
Tel.: +49 2691 935 6631

Restaurants – Breidscheid (5 min. / Ring)

Cockpit Bistro
Lunch – German
Trierer Str. 13, 53518 Adenau
Tel.: +49 2691 7907

Café Zur Nordschleife Opa Strack
Lunch – German
Trierer Str. 11, 53518 Adenau
Tel.: +49 2691 302216

Restaurant zum Kleeblatt
Lunch & Dinner – German
Trierer Straße 79, 53518 Adenau
Tel.: +49 2691 43927

Lunch & Dinner – Italian
Trierer Straße 6, 53518 Adenau
Tel.: +49 2691 938 880

Restaurants – Welcherath (5 min. / Ring)

Gästehouse Fuchsröhre
Dinner – International
Hauptstraße 27, 53539 Welcherath
Tel.: +49 175 415 72 69

Restaurants – Boos (10 min. / Ring)

Gasthof Zur Quelle
Dinner – German
Hauptstraße 27, 56729 Boos
Tel.: +49 2656 541

Restaurants – Mendig (30 min. / Ring)

Vulkan Brauerei
Dinner – German, Brewery / Brauhaus
Laacher-See-Straße 2, 56743 Mendig
Tel.: +49 2652 520330

Bars – Nürburg (2 min. / Ring)

Kirchweg 4, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 2691 922 053

Lindenhof am Nürburgring
Hauptstr. 35, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 170 8080 256

Cockpit Bar – Dorint Hotel
Grand-Prix-Strecke, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 2691 3090

Lobby Bar – Lindner Hotel
Stefan-Bellof-Straße, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 2691 3025 000

Eifel Stadl Nightclub
Otto-Flimm-Straße, 53520 Nürburg
Tel.: +49 2691 302 9733

Bars – Adenau (7 min. / Ring)

The Crown – British Pub
Hauptstraße 22, 53518 Adenau
Tel.: +44 7776 258 026

Blaue Ecke
Markt 5, 53518 Adenau
Tel.: +49 2691 2005

Brauhaus Adenau
Hauptstraße 94, 53518 Adenau
Tel.: +49 2691 8629

Zur gemütlichen Ecke (Comfy Corner)
Hauptstraße 247, 53518 Adenau
Tel.: +49 2691 2629

RELAX Cocktail Shisha Lounge
Hauptstraße 160, 53518 Adenau
Tel.: +49 2691 932 287

Go-Karting RingKartbahn
Nürburgring Boulevard 1, 53520 Nürburg (About 5min from RSR)
Tel.: +49 2691 302 6670

Nürburgring GP Track Backstage Tour
Nürburgring Boulevard 1, 53520 Nürburg (About 5min from RSR)
Tel.: +49 2691 302 6670

Nürburgring Motorsport Museum RingWerk
Nürburgring Boulevard 1, 53520 Nürburg (About 5min from RSR)
Tel.: +49 2691 302 6670

RaceRoom Cafe Driving Simulators
Nürburgring Boulevard 1, 53520 Nürburg (About 5min from RSR)
Tel.: +49 2691 302 6665

Hotrod City Tour Nürburgring / Koblenz
Eifeldorf Grüne Hölle, 53520 Nürburg (About 5min from RSR) / Altlöhrtor 22, 56068 Koblenz​ (About 1hour from RSR)
Tel.: +49 172 4521698

Sport am Ring Gym / Fitness Studio
In der Ex 1, 53518 Adenau (About 15min from RSR)
Tel.: +49 2691 938147

Wild- & Erlebnispark Daun – Animal Park / Wildpark
Mainzer Straße 11, 54550 Daun (About 30min from RSR)
Tel.: +49 6592 3154

Burg Eltz Castle Tours / Burgführung
Burg-Eltz-Straße 1, 56294 Wierschem (About 50min from RSR)
Tel.: +49 2672 95050-0

Reichsburg Cochem Castle Tours / Burgführung
Schloßstraße 36, 56812 Cochem (About 45min from RSR)​
Tel.: +49 2671 – 255

Don't know where to start?